Your Website is Your Key to the Kingdom

Instead of piling high with all your fantastic content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Tumblr and Pinterest savvy operators put their primary efforts into their actual website instead.  Driving traffic back through your creative content such as blogging and using the relationships you have built keeps everything focussed on you and your business.  Exactly what control do you have over Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform? Diddly squat right?  I know I don’t control these platforms and neither do you.  Only the owner/operators/shareholders of individual social media platforms control their environments.

Imagine you are working hard on a really great series of blog articles with amazing images and you post them all on Facebook only.  Everything is wonderful and you have 50 LIKES in no time at all and there have been a good number of shares in the process.  Then bang.  Facebook decides to hide your wonderful content unless you pay a fee, naturally.  Well there is nothing to stop any of the social media platforms making changes like these and many more you do not like or are unprepared to accept.  Why?  Because THEY HOLD THE KEYS: they own it all and they control it all.  You only hold the keys when it comes to your website (assuming your web designer has set you up right in the first place).

To further illustrate what I am talking about let’s examine Google Reader.  Hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions, relied on Google Reader.  Then one day Google decided to axe it and they deleted any data/lists that were stored on user accounts.  They cited reducing popularity as a reason.  In other words, if enough people move on to the next latest and greatest thing your hard work could be deleted by those in control.  If you have invested all your business promotion all into one platform then you will lose it.  Check it out for yourself.

At the end of the day you want the world to flock to your website and get off the social media platform so give them just a taster and let them come to you for more.

So if you have been putting all your eggs in the social media platform or blogging baskets then STOP and change your focus.  Nurture your own website where you are in control and give the crumbs to social media to encourage the world to follow them and flock to your kingdom.

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