WordPress Works For Today’s Business

There are many ways to design and construct a business website.  Today’s internet demands shareability with any on-line marketing activity so every business needs a website that can keep  up.  To compete in the changing on-line market place good business websites must:

  • be easy to update at the drop of a hat to ensure the site is always current and fresh;
  • integrate a news blog which is topical, interesting and relevant to your market; and
  • factor in security updates and maintenance.

The static website is now history if you want to get noticed and grow your business!

Today’s small business owners must get smart to stay in business or buy in the expertise needed.  Those that fail to do so will be left behind and their businesses will ultimately go to the wall just as we have seen with some of the big High Street names (eg Jessops).

WordPress is a user-friendly system which puts the website owner in control of their own content and entire internet marketing programme.

In 2003, a blog service called WordPress was introduced and today it is a powerful Content Management System (CMS).  WordPress is globally supported by the web design and development industry and this open source tool is now widely used by many highly respected organisations in small, medium and large businesses.

WordPress offers many advantages to developing your on-line presence in an ever changing market place:

  • Any time, any place, any where – you can update your WordPress website at the drop of a hat. Change text and images with ease. Frequent updates can help your website’s SEO and encourages your site visitors to know, like and trust you. (An updated site looks more trustworthy and current.) That’s the core of marketing and WordPress makes it easy.

Wordpress toolbar

  • Different users who may update your website and blog can have as little or as much access to your website as you wish (you are in control).
  • WordPress is dynamic and makes running a blog simple.  It encourages comments, and interaction.  If you prefer to tailor your blog you can give it a specific name rather than use the common term of “blog” (ie “Latest News” or “The MD Speaks”).
  • WordPress makes it easy for you to share what you know.  This will gain you regular followers and result in new customers.  Just show your real personality and engage!
  • WordPress is free.
  • Skilled WordPress support is easy to find.
  • WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) on the internet according to BuiltWith.  It is suitable for small and large projects alike and your WordPress website will grow with your business – no need to start again and again.WeW

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