Why Take Part in an Online Hour?

Time is a precious commodity as life is increasingly busy for us all.  We are all looking for ways to harness best use of our time but there are so many demands on it.  Check out the value of an online hour!

What is an Online Hour?

Regional on line hours are a productive use of the humble hashtag when it comes to marketing your business.  Sadly, many small businesses have not yet heard of it or simply just don’t understand that a simple Hashtag applied in the right way can help to get your business noticed by the right people.

Many online hours are regionally based, many are subjective. They help individuals, groups, small business and entrepreneurs connect with each other locally using Twitter.

For business owners, an hour is a large chunk of time to devote to any one thing so why should we find the time to take part in an online hour? The online hour is effectively a sustainable on line community for lasting and effective social networking.

A Hashtag is a basic label with a far reaching audience.  It helps you to find what you are interested in quickly.  It also enables you to increase on-line traffic to your business.  Click on a Hashtag and a list of every public tweet which has been tweeted for that hashtag will be shown on your screen!

Why should business owners take part in online hours?

Here are some very good reasons why you should be a proactive member of the on line hour.

    • new connections – some of whom will go on to become new clients, friends or introducers of new business
    • real-time engagement with an interested audience – a great opportunity to promote your current event, product or service
    • more followers so you can continue to grow your audience
    • ultimately business growth – social media is the new word of mouth – Hashtags help that message get out there more strategically

Each on line hour has its own unique Hashtag which enables you to follow and search for the conversation thread. Click here to read about Hashtags.

Whilst you are taking part in an on line hour (I assume you already have a Twitter account and you are taking part in #HunstantonHour) all you need do is:

  • create a Twitter account
  • write a tweet something like the photo shown
  • once you tweet with the appropriate hashtag anyone who is on Twitter at the specified time can search that hashtag (#HunstantonHour would be treated the same as #hunstantonhour)
  • search #hunstantonhour, refresh your browser and the most recent tweets with that hashtag will be shown
  • you can then click on individual tweets, reply, retweet and engage in the conversation
  • add the hashtag in each tweet and all replies to retain the flow
  • be conversational, be funny, be interesting, be topical – it is about being socially engaging
  • ask others using their Twitter ID about what is going on with them – it’s a two way street
  • always retweet those you engage with and follow those of interest
  • use photos and videos in your tweets

During the course of the hour you eventually mention your current product, service or event and where appropriate the link to your website. At the same time you should:

  • ask #HunstantonHour tweeters to RT and share your message
  • thank your new followers
  • thank other tweeters for RTs
  • say goodbye and thank for tweeting with you

To get the most out of it try and join in regularly and find other relevant on line hour communities you would like to be part of – the only limit is the the limit you place on yourself and your time.

It is simple social etiquette really so what’s stopping you from taking part? Just jump in and join in the fun but if you need help SMG Virtual PA offers guidance and training.  Just get in touch.

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