Why Should Serious Business Move to WordPress?

It is getting easier all the time for small businesses to take control of their own websites with the advent of tools such as WordPress.  Despite this, many small businesses still do not want to make the time to absorb the definite learning curve.  They seem to be scared of learning this new trick or else they shut their eyes and hope that blogging and social media will go away.

“Life is too short” is what one client said to me despite wanting a website they could up-date themselves.  When they got what they wanted they expected it to magically improve their business without adding regular posts.  Well this is never going to be the case since you can bet your competition will be doing just that.  What all business owners need to do is take control and responsibility for marketing their business on-line or pay someone else to do it for them.  There is no other choice unless you want to close up shop.

WordPress is a fantastic tool which  is easy to use, freely available and is very well supported.  You can start off with a very basic and simple website of just one or two pages and a blog and slowly build up to developing a full blown interactive website as your resources allow.  You do not need to rebuild your website from scratch with coded pages and the expensive skills of a HTML, PHP or ASP skilled web designer.  Going that route will ensure you have no control and your costs are at the mercy of your web designer.

Updating a WordPress website is far easier than up-dating traditional HTML coded pages.  The fantastic on-going support that is available helps you to maintain software and security updates too.  For the business owners who really are not interested in the techie side of things but can do most PC-oriented tasks such as email, create documents in Microsoft Office etc WordPress is a great solution.

Whilst such business owners will often need some technical support from a WordPress geek the cost of running your WordPress website will be far lower than if you get involved with a coded website.

Some of the key reasons why WordPress is a great choice for business owners:

  • SEO is helped when you regularly up-date your website with fresh content.  WordPress makes doing this so easy there is no reason not to do it on a daily basis if you have the content for it.
  • Your site visitors can easily comment and engage with you and you can manage their comments – if you don’t want it on your site you don’t have to allow it.
  • Social media linking and engagement is straightforward and seamless.
  • You can rebuild your brand and corporate look with your existing website and content – you do not have to start from scratch.
  • Regularly updating your website tells your audience/customers that you care about your business and you are reliable.  WordPress easily lets your site visitors share your content on social media too.  All this helps to build a solid on line reputation.  People buy from those we know, like and trust.
  • High profile corporations use WordPress.  If it makes sense to them then its got to be great for small business too.

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