The Value of Blogging and Vlogging About Your Business

Many business owners I talk to really struggle with the need for a blog or they recognise the value but cannot find the time to do it. Those that do not see the need miss the value of proactively sharing expertise, knowledge and experience.  In fact it is a great way to attract new business.

I have, myself intended to get back on the blogging horse for some time and have found it difficult to do. Thanks to a a challenge from fellow 4Ner, Sailesh Raithatha, I am taking steps towards putting that right!

I have blogged since 2005. It was not a conscious decision on my part. It was a happy accident that I fell into it. I purchased a local community website set up originally by two local OAPs and set about developing an eclectic mix of web pages into a useful community resource. The original site creators referred to the articles on the site as “features” and I doubt any of us had heard the word “blog”. Eventually I heard the term “blog” somewhere and soon realised I was blogging.

By that time I was blogging several times a week and by 2010 traffic up to 1.5 million hits in a year. I got great personal satisfaction writing about the beautiful area in which I live and the local businesses too.  I constantly proved to myself that it was what you actually wrote on the page that ensured Google paid attention to your site and included it in relevant searches. Soon I had developed a suite of 5 sites before I realised quality would suffer by spreading myself too thin so I stopped. Those years were a great source of learning and I grew a large number of returning visitors.  I was hugely active on these sites for a good 10 years – keeping at the top of Google the whole time – and then slowly stepped back when I began blogging as a Virtual Assistant.

I continued to blog as a Virtual Assistant in for a few years and then, just as I woke up to the advent of video, life got in the way and I got out of the blogging discipline.  It is easy to do.  Sadly it has not been so easy to get back into the habit of blogging having lost momentum but I will get there.  In 2017, I have found the nerve to do some actual video broadcasts as a means to develop my confidence and get back out there.  These videos have covered personal insights, a journey through my networking experiences and testimonials for other businesses.  The most recent video I did was encouraging engagement in the UK Networking Community – a group on Facebook (see below).  Whatever it takes just start getting your video confidence going and keep growing it.

Including video into the mix is very much all part of my future plans and I will grow steadily in that direction.  Why?  It is simple – Google loves video content even more than the written blog and will probably rank video content even higher.  That should be reason enough for any business owner.

The smallest of businesses can now have a big voice if their website has a good, active blog or vlog (video blog) which shares great content using both text and video. It makes the marketplace a level playing field so be sure to set aside some time to consider what content you might add to your blog and make a plan that you can stick to.  It will pay dividends over time if applied consistently so it is worth investing in.  If your competition is doing then you have to do it just to keep up.  If your competition is not doing it then you should do it to stay ahead.

Here is a summary of what a good, regularly up-dated, blog does for you and your business?

1. Builds reputation

  • It shares your personality and knowledge and builds credibility.
  • It builds up a great store of useful information – ebooks, how to videos etc. – it can even be a serious library resource.

2. Demonstrates that you care

Keeping your website up-to-date shows that you care about your site visitors and that you want to give them a good experience when they visit your site.

2. Improves SEO

Whatever algorithym Google may use now or in the future, fresh content encourages Google to pay attention to your website amongst the billions that are out there. The Google spiders are searching for current relevant results – leave your web pages static and unchanged and they will eventually just gather dust out there in the ether as your competition will fill the gap with good content.

3. Creates more reasons for visitors to come back

A well tended blog with a long term proven record of offering great value will ensure a growth in returning visitors.


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