Don’t Panic – it is only a GDPR start date

Don't panic its only GDPR

It is astounding how fast GDPR has come upon us and how many people are panicking at the 25 May 2018 deadline which is just days away as I write. Being sensible about it is the only way forward. If you are falling behind schedule in getting your systems, policies…

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Why Should Serious Business Move to WordPress?

It is getting easier all the time for small businesses to take control of their own websites with the advent of tools such as WordPress.  Despite this, many small businesses still do not want to make the time to absorb the definite learning curve.  They seem to be scared of…

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WordPress Works For Today’s Business

There are many ways to design and construct a business website.  Today’s internet demands shareability with any on-line marketing activity so every business needs a website that can keep  up.  To compete in the changing on-line market place good business websites must: be easy to update at the drop of…

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