Stay Connected When Travelling

It is holiday time again and in this wireless age we can now stay in touch with work, family and friends more easily whilst we are away.  Most of us won’t leave home without taking our smartphone, tablet or laptop and devices such as these which makes staying connected on the move much easier to achieve.

But what steps should we take to be sure we can stay in touch whilst away from home?  Here are some of the basics:

1. Before booking your holiday, check whether your hotel or holiday home offers WiFi connections and where the nearest internet cafe may be.

2. If you want belt and braces internet connection options then ensure you also take a dongle aligned with a reputable mobile broadband service for emergencies.

3. Pack chargers along with any high-tech equipment you may choose to take with you – without your charger your smartphone, tablet or laptop just became costly and useless excess baggage!  (Check your videocam and mic are working too!)

4. Ensure you have all passwords and access codes with you for your cloud, Skype and social media accounts.  Whilst I mention this point don’t overlook Google+ Hangouts as a communication option – much more fun than Skype so check it out if you have not already done so!

5. To ensure you are not bereft of technology in the event of a loss or accident whilst away from home, please check that your holiday insurance covers all your high-tech equipment.

6. If you need to work whilst away on holiday and produce reports and other hard documents there are some great options available which require no hardware.  The one I was most impressed with in my recent research was Google Cloud Print.   This useful service from Google enables you to send your file securely over the web to your cloud-connected printer from any device and you do not need a PC to set it up. All you do is connect a Cloud Ready printer to your Google Cloud Print account and you can print to it. (You should use a Cloud Ready printer which connects directly to the internet with a Google Cloud Print account.)  Whether you are in the same room as your printer or half way across the globe you can print using this great tool.  Mobile phone, a desktop PC, a tablet or laptop – it works with it all.

7. Before you leave home ensure you have saved any relevant files to your device(s) or – better still to your cloud service – that you may need whilst you are away.  If you do not have a formal cloud service a few of the best FREE cloud options you can set up are Dropbox or GoogleDrive. IN DROPBOX, MARK RELEVANT DOCUMENTS AS ‘FAVOURITE’ AND YOU CAN VIEW THEM OFFLINE!

Above all, when travelling stay safe and – especially on holiday – have fun!

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