Secure Use of Dropbox – Is It Possible?

Around 2010 Dropbox became widely used as a means of sharing files on the internet and is widely used by Virtual PAs and Assistants and their clients.  There have been many security issues for the operators of Dropbox to deal with along the way.  This naturally dented confidence in its usage.  Whilst it cannot be denied that file sharing using Dropbox is convenient and it has its place in the mobile professional’s toolbox, the security of confidential data must be preserved.

To improve your security whilst using Dropbox, encrypt and zip your files BEFORE placing them in Dropbox.  There is a range of encryption tools that you can use to achieve this.  However, as with anything to do with the internet, the best tools for the job keep changing so it is critical to up-date your knowledge.  Truecrypt was once a leading tool in this area but in 2017 the options available has changed.

In any case you need to decide if you are going to encrypt on your own PC or in the cloud. There is a big difference. Encrypted data in the cloud has a much bigger attack surface for hackers than encrypted data on your own PC.  Weighing up the pros and cons of either option is a big decision for any business to make.  All you can do is to stay as well informed as possible with current thinking and revise your strategy accordingly.

Check out the latest and greatest of encryption tools for 2017 here.


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