Promote Your Business with Hashtags and Online Hours

Most on-line users are aware of the existence of practical tools such as the # (commonly referred to as a Hashtag these days) to help you to get more of what you want from an on-line search, particularly within social media platforms. However, there are still many small businesses who are left in the dark when it comes to such skills which is a shame when it is such a useful tool to have in your marketing armoury.

The Hashtag is key to brand discoverability.  Put # in front of any word, phrase, or sequence of numbers and characters, and an effective keyword or phrase is created.  Although it began within Twitter, the Hashtag concept is now more widely used in other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+ to help categorise tweet themes, networks and communities.

Hashtagged words and phrases ensure a targetted search for all tweets with that hashtag and they become live links direct to the ‘#Discover’ function at  This allows you to quickly locate the trending topics which are being tweeted.

Many tweeters creating vast tweet traffic within a concentrated time window will establish a trend (a hot topic – the subject everyone is talking about). Current breaking news items can develop their own Hashtags as the event occurs (ie #Apollotheatre could apply for the roof cave in at the Apollo Theatre but a more specific tag can also be created like #theatreroofcavein). When using the geolocation facility, Twitter’s ‘Discover’ feature will bring you tweets with Hashtags targetted at relevant news in and around your own location, in real time! The Hashtag is truly a powerful communication tool and it is exactly how a comment can go global within hours.  Think before you tweet!

Key Hashtags now in common usage are regional on-line hours (active networking communities). There are many different regions which have their own on line hour. If you want to up your game and on-line marketing profile this is where you need to be on a regular basis.

We can, and should, join in our local on line hours (in my area that would be #HunstantonHour, #KingsLynnHour and #NorfolkHour) to help grow businesses and tourism in your local area. It is a powerful way to promote local businesses in even the smallest village to the world at large and get heard time and time again.  Why not investigate your local on line hours and see which you feel will benefit the marketing of your business?

In order to participate in on line hours we need to learn new skills.  For some of us this will come easily and for others it can be a challenge to get over the learning curve.  If you need help in learning such skills SMG Virtual PA can help show you how.  Click here for some basic guidelines on how to take part in an on line hour.\

Don’t forget that, as with anything in the internet world, things are always changing.  Therefore, online hours that are popular today may not be popular tomorrow!

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