Mind, Body & Spirit – It All Needs TLC But So Does Your Blog

Sushma Bragg talks to viistors to the Mind, Body & Spirit Event 6 July 2019

I recently attended a Mind, Body and Spirit event in Kings Lynn.  I do have an interest in such things and it is a great excuse for some time out.  On this occasion I was asked to help support my friend Sushma Bragg, a Forever Living Aloe Vera business owner so it was not entirely an off day.  Not long after I attended I was asked by the organiser, Emma Elderfield, if I would write a blog about the day as I saw it and so I did.  I thought I would be doing a guest blog on Emma’s Purple Events website.  I quickly learned that Emma did not have a website, never mind a blog on a website.  So what is a girl to do when she wants to help her business owner friends and they do not have the tools in place?  The next best thing.  I therefore chose to guest blog on Sushma’s website and to give Emma mentions where I could.  Whilst I was at it I also mentioned (with links) a few other great business owners that I know well.  A win-win all round.

I think this conversation just might encourage Emma to start her own website and blog as she really ought to do so that she can showcase the wonderful things Purple Events does.

I hope you enjoy reading my guest blog.  If you would like to get in touch with Sushma directly then please find her contact details here.

If you want to learn more about guest blogging and social media for your business then please do get in touch with me, Stella Gooch, on 07788 65157.


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