Making Twitter Easier to Follow

When I first heard of Twitter, I didn’t get it at all.  What was all the fuss about was what I thought, as I know many other people have done. Well I am converted.  I do use Facebook but I personally think Twitter has a lot more to offer as a useful business tool, mostly because it is so simple and quick to use.

You can organise your settings so that you receive regular emails when someone tweets you so that you never miss an opportunity to respond.  Retweeting is an essential courtesy that you should build in to your everyday social media activity.  If you retweet others, they will in kind retweet you when you have interesting or important content to share.  It is also good manners to say thank you when someone has retweeted you.  Don’t forget when tweeting to use appropriate hashtags to help your tweets get found in searches (ie #Norfolk if you are a Norfolk based tourism business would be helpful and if you are a Norfolk attraction you could use #Norfolkattraction or #placetogo or #familydaysout).

The only way to get on with Twitter is to dive in and have a go.  It isn’t long before you pick up the gist of what is going on.  As your “Following” list grows keeping it all together in your head can be tough.  But Twitter has thought of that and created “Lists”!

Lists help organise who you are Following into something more manageable and really useful tools for building those all important business relationships. You can define your friends into one list and your clients into another.  You can then make life easier and break down your clients into industries. By grouping them in this way you are able to keep track of and RT relevant content more easily.

Creating a simple Twitter list is straightforward:

1. On log in to your Twitter account, click on the “gear” at the top right of the screen.  When the drop down menu appears choose “Lists”.
2. Click “Create List” shown on the right hand side of your Twitter screen and under your Twitter header.
3. Give your list a name and a description if you can think of a suitable one.
4. Decide whether you want your list to be public (open to everyone) or private (so only you can access it).
5. Find people to add to your list.  You can do this by going into individual profile pages and clicking on the little head icon at the top right of the screen.
6. From the drop down menu choose “Add or remove from lists”.
7. The dialogue box which then appears will show your lists.  Alongside each list is a tick box.  Just click alongside the list you want to add to and they are in!

Following people/organisations is all part of the social media activities of Twitter.  You ideally want to Follow slightly more people than you have Followers and keep on growing your audience of Followers over time using consistent interaction with tweets, RTs and replies.  If you are included on someone else’s lists you can see who is included in that same list, even if you are not following them.  This can help you to find appropriate new people to Follow.

If you need help with getting to grips with Twitter then why not phone or call Stella Gooch Virtual PA.   

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