Learning From the Experience of Others WILL Help You With Your Public Speaking

Public speaking is a scary thing for most of us and I was no different.  I truly hated standing up and talking in front of a room for most of my life.  In late 2016 I resolved to change all that and for the past year I have been getting out of my comfort zone and going against the natural grain.  A recent chat at a 4N networking meeting led to me sharing my experiences which in turn led to a guest blog opportunity with The Rainmakers Club and the subject of a new topic for my public speaking armoury.

The final article is a pretty good recollection of my year with a few exceptions.  It overlooks the wonderful speaking day I spent with Jamie Denyer (known as “The Grief Preacher”) and the many self-development events – including at least one devoted to public speaking – with the one and only Taz Thornton.  These two fantastic people contributed a great deal towards getting me where I am in my journey to date for which I thank them wholeheartedly.  However, my very first experience of proactive speaking help was via a Dee Clayton video about elevator pitches when I was really quaking about doing a simple 40 second introduction when I began networking in earnest with 4N in August 2016.  So a big thank you also to Dee.

To get the full story check out the link and see if my experiences can help you with your public speaking journey.

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