Is It All About Likes Or Follows?

Getting LIKES and FOLLOWS is a way of measuring how well you are engaging on social media.  However, is that really the objective?
Doing social media should not feel like hard work but in the beginning there is a definite learning curve to get through.  At this stage it can feel a bit uphill but then when you get it, it is fun!  Once you are into your stride it is easy to just post or tweet.  However, that it just one way communication.
When you are at a party and want to make friends what do you do?  Do you stand in the corner and hope something will happen and shout from the corner?  Of course not. You get out there and say hello.  You mingle and talk to people.  You show you are interested in them.  You are genuine.  You are being yourself and giving of yourself.  The people you connect with respond in kind and you make relationships.  That is engagement.  Social media engagement is just the same – it is a two way street so by all means post and tweet BUT don’t forget to LIKE, FOLLOW and COMMENT whilst also being mindful of normal social etiquette and courtesy.

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