Is Building a Website the End?

You are delighted that you have got your brand new snazzy website uploaded to the internet and you have given your website designer a pat on the back.  Is that it?  Many business owners still do not realise that this is the start of the story not the end.

Having a great website is only useful if you make it work for you.  It must be kept fluid and constantly changing.  The benefit of including a blog within your website cannot be overstated.  Without it your website is fighting against the tide as more and more businesses buy in to this great tool.

Changing content on your website tells your site visitors that your site is current and more reliable than a static site which has not changed in a year or more.  It also reminds Google that your site is there and ensures you stand a better chance at being thrown up in searches.  In order to improve the number of Google searches your website appears in you must have regular changing content which reflects your current and changing business goals.

The internet is the 21st century’s most cost effective marketing tool for both small and large businesses and once your site has been created it needs its own personal babysitter to keep it alive.  That personal babysitter is usually known as a Web Administrator or a Content Management Assistant. Such skills can be cost-effectively bought in and this is a service offered by SMG Virtual PA.  Larger corporates can usually justify permanently employing such a person but small to medium businesses often cannot.

A good Content Management Assistant should be able to interact effectively using social media platforms as well as creating and managing good content and images on your behalf.  All your content should be clear, concise and factual (the date doesn’t hurt either).  Such attention to detail on your website is crucial to your internet marketing success.

Often some small businesses try to set up their own websites using templates – some paid for and some freely available.  This can often be a costly mistake – the first impression a visitor to your website gets of your business will not be a positive one if the written content is grammatically incorrect and is filled with numerous spelling errors.  If you really choose to go this route rather than pay a web designer it would be a good idea to get professional help from a Web Administrator to ensure it is set up without these problems.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using a Web Administrator then contact SMG Virtual PA.

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