Finding Your First Virtual Assistant

The virtual world is non-stop and since the term Virtual Assistant was spoken the pace has gained momentum.  More and more of us are starting businesses and its not long before we realise that dipping our toes into entrepreneurial roles brings more work than we can cope with.  Our energy can soon get sapped when we become swamped trying to juggle it all alone and overwhelm sets in.  Your family life begins to suffer and before long your work will suffer too as your productivity shrinks.  What is more, the work typically unpaid time.

Staying on top of the routine tasks we have to perform on a daily basis to keep the wheels of business turning efficiently means you have to acknowledge at some point that you NEED HELP.  Yes it is true – nobody can do it all themselves if they want to grow their business.

So when you ultimately realise you need help and you have to let go of some of the tasks you currently perform what do you do?  You don’t want to employ staff and take on the overheads and employment legislation that comes with it but you know you need to do something.  Well finding the right Virtual Assistant is the answer.  Here are the first steps you should follow when planning to work with a Virtual Assistant for the first time:


  1. Start by listing the tasks you currently perform and categorise them according to things you dislike doing, things you cannot do and things you hate to do – an example of how your list might look is shown below:
    Dislike to Do Cannot Do Hate to Do
    Follow up initial enquiries Website Social media
    Email management Graphic design Book-keeping
    Follow up initial enquiries Website build Social media
    Research Video/podcast Blogging
    Travel arrangements Upload video to YouTube Transcribe video
  2. From this list you will know the skillset you need your Virtual Assistant to cover.  Please remember that no single Virtual Assistant will be able to carry out ALL of the tasks you need help with – they will have Associates that work with them to meet your needs.
  3. Think about which of the above skills need covering the most urgently and focus on finding someone who can offer these skills and as many of the others as possible.
  4. Now consider the type of person you want to work with as your Virtual Assistant – what industries will they have worked in?  what will their specialisms be?  What qualities should they have to make them helpful to your business?
  5. When you are out networking tell your contacts who you are looking for.  Ask for suggestions relying on those you know, like and trust already.
  6. When you have your list of potential Virtual Assistants to talk to then do exactly that.


For your business to grow it is critical to find the right fit Virtual Assistant.  This is no different than when you try to recruit an employed PA or other staff.  What would you look for when you interview in that situation once you establish they have the skills?  You would look at their personality and their experience – both of life and of business.  That is when you know you have the right person on your team and when you find them you really want to try and keep them.

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