Delegate to Your Own Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a growing 21st century trend. VAs are self-employed professionals able to offer cost-effective administrative and office support to large or small organisations, executives, entrepreneurs and busy individuals. With our help your time is freed up so that you can concentrate on growing your business.  With the support of the right Virtual Assistant you can:

  • retain control and greater flexibility – our working relationship is based upon an agreed contract to suit both parties – whether for a few hours a day or for a longer term arrangement.
  • gain reduced admin overheads and have no recruitment liabilities – no time spent advertising, interviewing or training, no health & safety issues or pension or HR liabilities.
  • save the cost of office space/equipment – your VA provides her own work space and equipment.
  • save time and increase efficiency – we offer experienced and professional support when you need it for as long as you need it.

More and more people are seeing the benefits of working with a VA but if you have never used one it can be difficult to understand the benefits of doing so.

It is easy to see that Virtual Assistants can be cost-effective because they pay their own taxes, NI and office overhead but don’t’ forget that working in this way means there are also NO employment law concerns either.

Small business owners have to make all the decisions – the buck truly does stop there.  At times you probably question whether you are making the right decision or not. Support from a Virtual Assistant can give you a second and valued opinion to help give you confidence and clarity to your decision making. Just pick up the phone, skype or email and you immediately have a sounding board who will often be able to offer constructive insights to your problem.  They can point out issues that you had not considered and they can offer solutions too.  It is in the interest of your Virtual Assistant that their clients succeed so we are keen to offer ideas and most will not charge you for a brainstorming session, as long as you are already their client.

Virtual Assistants organise and fund their own training to keep the skills sharp and fresh.  Therefore, they will only ever need very limited training to enable them to perform the duties you may ask of them and will be up to speed a lot faster than most employees as they make it their job to learn about changing technology and software. It is more often the case that the only training that may be required is how clients prefer their letters and documents laid out.

Small business owners who insist on doing their own administrative tasks rather than getting client work completed will fall behind and possibly even go out of business. The smart ones DELEGATE to a Virtual Assistant.

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