Create Your Own Online Newspaper

Devising your own on-line daily newspaper has never been so easy.  With you can really personalise your very own newspaper.  There is a free element to this tool and allows you to produce your own newspaper harnessing articles of interest from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or other web content into an online newspaper.  As the “publisher” you can then distribute your newspaper around your social media accounts.

I have loosely dabbled in using this very interesting tool for a little while now and have used it in my tweets and I am quite impressed with it and see that it could work very well if used as it is intended:  upgrade your free account to a paid option then you can develop your newspaper to truly harness the power of this medium. In this way you gain control over what content you publish and you are able to truly personalise your newspaper in order to get your chosen message across. The aim is undoubtedly to develop a following and a devoted readership.  Some of the functionality available includes:

  • Add your logo / branding
  • Customize / remove ads
  • Manage notifications / promotion

A new development with Pro is an Email Notification Service which automatically sends the entire front page of your newspaper’s content, as created by you, directly to your subscribers’ inbox for each new edition. To learn more about this great tool check out the blog .  Email marketing campaigns would get off to a great headstart using in this way.

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