Facebook is Broken

Facebook nightmares

Many of us had the chance to imagine a world without Facebook on Wednesday, 13 March 2019. To my horror, at around 3pm UK time, successive attempts to post and upload to a Facebook  business page failed. Thankfully I had saved my work in a Word document for re-posting later. …

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Changing Habits Takes Time

In my previous blog I explained how running a business is a marathon and not a sprint if you want to keep going.  I stand by this conclusion but changing habits take a little time for the impact of habit changes, especially when you want to replace bad habits with…

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Building a Business is a Marathon Not a Sprint

The Excitement of the Launch After a few false starts I actually launched my business in August 2016 as far as I am concerned.  That is when I really committed to knuckle down and finally achieve my longheld dreams of creating a business which drew on all my experiences and…

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