Don’t Panic – it is only a GDPR start date

Don't panic its only GDPR

It is astounding how fast GDPR has come upon us and how many people are panicking at the 25 May 2018 deadline which is just days away as I write. Being sensible about it is the only way forward. If you are falling behind schedule in getting your systems, policies…

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Is Facebook Really Your Enemy?

The recent news about data harvesting from Facebook by Cambridge Analytica astounds me.  I have personally indulged in the ephemeral quizzes that were referred to in this case but it does not bother me too much as I made a conscious choice to participate and I accept full responsibility for…

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Your Website – Is It Legal?

So you have just had your website built.  It looks pretty, has all the latest and greatest whizz bang effects, you have the blog, you have got all the keywords and SEO sorted and you think it’s the best thing ever!  Now ask yourself a simple question: is my website on…

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