Building a Business is a Marathon Not a Sprint

The Excitement of the Launch

After a few false starts I actually launched my business in August 2016 as far as I am concerned.  That is when I really committed to knuckle down and finally achieve my longheld dreams of creating a business which drew on all my experiences and skills.  It is also when I jumped 100% into networking the 4N way – ie passporting around as many networking locations as I could.  Switch off time was not something I worried too much about.  I was on a roll and wanted to keep on running with it.  Soon opportunities began trickling through and my empty diary began to fill up.  Things were exciting.  I was living my dream and making it happen.

My journey has been amazing and even better than I imagined all those years ago.  It has been a journey of real personal growth and self-discovery where I have met some amazing and truly inspiring people.  I have learned so much about people, life and myself.  Far more than ever before in my life.  What I also noticed was that I was truly enjoying my life’s journey for the first time in my life.

Time Management

Now that is all great, however, as people learn to know, like and trust you and the business comes in, it soon becomes apparent that managing your diary and spacing things out is a very high priority.  Christmas 2017 and the school holidays encouraged me to slow down and I did exactly that and when the boys returned to school I thought “great now I can get back to work”.  That is exactly what I did including a planned week’s holiday with my husband soon after the 2018 work calendar commenced.  On return from holiday (late January) I was offered work that I initially accepted but then realised it was too much on top of my current commitments so I ultimately declined the opportunity.  This proved to be a good decision as I then went down with the 2018 Winter Flu Bug.  I thought I would shake it off and be back at work in a week.  No such luck.  For a full month I was forced to cancel speaking engagements, meetings – anything and everything in my diary really.  I did not stray far from my bed or sofa and my energy levels were the lowest I can remember them being in years. I was aware that this year’s Flu strain was particularly strong (and lethal in some cases) and was mindful that the chances of going on to develop Pneumonia was a real possibility.  Despite this I felt that I was “malingering” and the world was carrying on without me and I worried I was losing out on some already hard won client work and I was losing my business and expressed this in one of my social media groups.  The answer I got back was that it was more important to take care of my health and the opportunities would still be there when I was better able to deliver my best.  I noted this and hoped it would all work out as suggested but was not sure it was true.

Thankfully this turned out to be exactly right.  I picked up where I had left off when I was able to.  I dealt with some changed situations along the way and I continued promoting my services.  Amazingly, opportunities popped up like never before landing me my biggest client contract ever with more quality work in the pipeline.  I even re-started my exercise sessions with my personal trainer and I will now aim to change my habits and space things out more as I go.

So are you burning yourself out trying to do it all yourself?  Or are you practicising self-care and making strategic decisions to put the right support in place as and when you need it?   Why not take the easy way and have a chat with SMG Virtual PA to see how we can help?

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