Facebook is Broken

Facebook nightmares

Many of us had the chance to imagine a world without Facebook on Wednesday, 13 March 2019. To my horror, at around 3pm UK time, successive attempts to post and upload to a Facebook  business page failed. Thankfully I had saved my work in a Word document for re-posting later. …

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I Hate Bullies

Today is “Stand Up Against Bullies Day” so it seemed highly appropriate to publish this article that I have long been sitting on wondering whether to publish or not on a site used for my business. Bullying is something I have long hated since I was the target of bullying…

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Don’t Panic – it is only a GDPR start date

Don't panic its only GDPR

It is astounding how fast GDPR has come upon us and how many people are panicking at the 25 May 2018 deadline which is just days away as I write. Being sensible about it is the only way forward. If you are falling behind schedule in getting your systems, policies…

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Changing Habits Takes Time

In my previous blog I explained how running a business is a marathon and not a sprint if you want to keep going.  I stand by this conclusion but changing habits take a little time for the impact of habit changes, especially when you want to replace bad habits with…

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Building a Business is a Marathon Not a Sprint

The Excitement of the Launch After a few false starts I actually launched my business in August 2016 as far as I am concerned.  That is when I really committed to knuckle down and finally achieve my longheld dreams of creating a business which drew on all my experiences and…

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Is Facebook Really Your Enemy?

The recent news about data harvesting from Facebook by Cambridge Analytica astounds me.  I have personally indulged in the ephemeral quizzes that were referred to in this case but it does not bother me too much as I made a conscious choice to participate and I accept full responsibility for…

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Building Relationships or Knocking Them Down?

All business owners and freelancers rely on building a network of connections to support them as they grow and develop their businesses.  It is a typical rite of passage for us all to branch out and network as we all need a little help in getting the right message out…

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