Stella Loves The Jobs You Hate!

Over twenty years experience as a PA in different organisations means that I have an enormous amount of experience, often as the 'linchpin' co-ordinating large projects. I love being in the centre of things, setting things up, coaching clients and streamlining business systems.

If I can empower others to free up their time by simplifying processes, so they have less pressure, can enjoy life and be more successful, then my job is complete.

I love working myself out of a job!  If I can invest time to help a client to get energised and inspired enough to tackle tasks they previously did not have the skills or confidence to do, then this makes my job so worthwhile and rewarding. I feel incredibly proud watching them accomplish things they never thought possible.

All of these things give me such a buzz!   This is why I am a VA Consultant.

Meet Stella Gooch
Loves Technology
  • Stella is an ideal bridge between the busy business owner and technology experts who sometimes talk a foreign language and create confusion.
  • Stella empowers her clients by helping them understand technology better so they can take control of their online presence as much or as little as they desire.
  • Stella draws on over ten years experience in creating websites, blogging and social media to help her clients negotiate what they often see as a technology minefield.
Loves Projects
  • Information overload? Stella loves nailing down all those little details, so you don't have to!
  • Stella likes coming up with a simple, but effective plan, that everyone can understand and is useful.
  • Stella loves solving problems and coming up the ideas to make processes work better, especially when you can't see the wood for the frees.
  • Stella loves sharing her skills and empowering her clients to try it themselves.
Loves Co-ordinating
  • Stella is a born co-ordinator and organiser and loves to oversee projects from start to finish!
  • Stella understands the importance of the big picture as well as how crucial the small details are too.
  • Creating structured and streamlined processes through to full implementation and staff training is second nature to Stella!
  • If you are under pressure, with no time to deal with things, then support from Stella will help you get things straight.

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