Planning Your Week

It happens to everyone at some time …. your diary is out of control and you can’t find your way back.  Pre-booking your own time for specific tasks can help keep you focussed? Establishing good routines is crucial when trying to get it all done whilst not driving yourself crazy in the process.

Business managers and owner/operators can help reduce their stress levels and create good routines by planning regular “IN” days in the office where an entire day is spent at your desk focussing on basic day-to-day business tasks.  Whilst at your desk you concentrate on reducing your “To Do” list as much as possible.  After a productive day you can walk away feeling a sense of relief and real achievement too.

Of course, you have to balance these days in between your “OUT” days.  Plan to visit your clients, attend conferences and seminars on these days.   It will not always be possible to block whole days like this so apply the principle to smaller windows of time.  For example, Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings could be pre-determined as regular meeting slots rather than squeezing meeting times as and when they arise wherever a space may appear in your diary.  Doing that will only increase your stress levels.  The support of a good Virtual Assistant – whether they are a VA, PA or Secretary – is great way to keep on top of a busy diary in today’s fast moving world.

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